The characters act as an investigatory aid to help us think about why things have happened in a certain way, through situational and behavioural design we come to understand them and their stories in a cinematic and seductive way. Molly from Linfen represents the racist fear in white Australia that China will invade them, Mistress Axolotl draws in the safe space of her tattoo parlour. Lone Cowgirl has her open-air cinema, and American Skeleton represents the balance between creativity and personal sacrifice in the pursuit of climate justice; a punk rock saint fallen from the dark of the American Dream. Tom-From-A-Long-Time-Ago represents survival as he sits in the settling dust of the storm, him and the future alone together.

These inhabitants of The Swaglands act as a method of sharing space with the people and ideas they were inspired by, bringing them all together under the baobab tree to watch their favourite soap opera.