I am an artist and writer with a focus on the power of imagination and story to mobilise social change.

My aim is to cultivate an awareness of environmental and social issues and activate peoples' sense of responsibility through fantasy.

Philly Hunt, Artist Statement
Inspired most of all by the retreat found in tiny corners of subcultures, scenes and our own imaginations, pop culture references and characteristics float through Philly’s broad-ranging practice. These cultural sanctuaries – presented in Philly’s work in everything from slogan t-shirts for imagined bands to the repeated references to Home and Away – are places we visit for safety, knowledge and community. Fandom and cult scenes, cinema, gardens, woodland pursuits and games, clothing, community groups: they take many forms, but they are all arenas for imagination, creativity and communality. Her work creates an immersive world that stems from a desire for total immersion in nature.

A pop culture lens creates an attractive angle of familiarity when considering possible unfamiliar or uncomfortable social or environmental issues.

This means my work can offer two levels at which to experience it: it can be purely aesthetic, or it can be examined and deconstructed to reveal a narrative and characters that are actually based on cultural truths. This second level of engagement can provide a demonstrative behavioural template for how we ought to act as reciprocal community citizens on planet earth.