Philly Hunt - Artist
Printmaking - Writing - Textiles - Painting - Built Environments/Installations - Drawing - Publications

Inspired most of all by the retreat found in those tiny corners of subcultures and of our imaginations, that help to balm our minds in the exact way that we need them to. They are visions, and sometimes performances. A cultural spectacle. A reconfiguration for personal order. A fabrication, or not?
Some people go there voluntarily. Some people are sent there in exile. Some don’t know any different. 

Taking that concept of exile I also explore harsh socio-environmental realities caused by climate degradation. I wonder about the ironies and guilt, and the returned gaze and the unwelcome notion of the exotic.
Considering the idea of gaze and ‘the exotic’ I am also interested the cinematic, and in the stage that is costume and fashion. The drama and/or distaste of all that.
Whilest working in textile importing and sales, I started to explore, the industry of fashion production. This of course links again to environmental degradation, and to the performance of fashion and culture.

Overall I explore, in the use of my visual subject matter and fiction writing, the dark corners of the modern mind and the pop culture constructs of imagination that help us combat them.
Cult culture. Costume. Creation.


I prefer to use second hand or found ink, paper and fabrics whenever possible. Besides my ideologies, I love the aesthetic. I also aim to minimise water wastage and contamination in all of my artwork. Soon I hope to run my studio on renewable self-generated energy and compost all my failed artworks! 


Exhibitions and Residencies

2016: A Film We're All Writing, Peckham Pelican, London

2015: Mistress Axolotl's Imaginary Tattoo Parlour, Free Space Gallery, London (solo)

2015: Free Space Gallery
, Artist in Residence.
Working as an artist in a mental health service day centre.

2015: Laterstate Oasis - Small White Elephant, London. (solo)

2015: Fernweh - Bussey Building, London (group)

2014: A Homestead Act - The Bear, London. (group)

2013: Well Done, Degree Show, London College of Communication.

2013: An Evening of Ladydom, My Living Room, London. (solo exhibit and event)

2013: I Wander Weather, LCC Green Week, London. (solo exhibit and event)

2013: Medium Rare, The Old Truman Brewery, London. (group)

2012: Transmisson, 10 Bermondsey Street Gallery, London. (group)

2011: Peckham Open, Peckham Platform, London. (group)

2010: Foundation Show, London College of Communication. (group)

Selected Workshops

Talisman Workshops - sign painting & textiles (series of 3) Free Space Gallery, London - 2015

Mistress Axolotl's Imaginary Tattoo Parlour
- tattoo design, drawing and printing (series of 3) - Free Space Gallery, London - 2015


Soapbox Press
Indigenous News


- Curtis Brown Creative - Creative Writing Short Course, 2017
- Foundation in Art Therapy - British Association of Art Therapists, 2016
- London College of Communication - BA Hons, Illustration, 2010-13
- London College of Communication - Foundation Diploma, Art and Design, 2009-10
- Malvern College - Traditional Printmaking A-Level

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.